Athletic Development 

Dr. Rosalind Osgood Ministries International

Higher Learning Hoops is an organization that specializes in the athletic academic and life development of athletes. Our mission to educate and equip athletes with skills necessary to compete on an elite level. We strive to instill and empower today’s youth with the confidence, commitment and integrity needed to live a productive and successful life. Our goal is to teach athletes the value of respect for themselves, their peers and their community through hard work and discipline. We accomplish this by our fundamental basketball training and encouraging sportsmanship through positive lecture and professional instruction.

Higher Learning Hoops Structure


Summer/Spring Camps are held during times where athletes don’t have school. These camps are week long skill instruction used to strengthen the fundamental skills of an athlete. Each camp has a specific skill focus like speed/agility, basic basketball, or advance basketball. We hope that through detail skill instruction each camper will gain knowledge and greater love for their sport. Each camper will gain the self-confidence and self- motivation necessary to be successful in academics & athletics.
Campers will receive T-Shirt & PlayBook:

Higher Learning Hoops Play Book is a tool we like to equip athletes with that they can keep their entire career.

  • Respect
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork
  • College
  • Careers
  • Basketball techniques & drills
  • Nutrition
  • Community involvement


Basketball Skill Academies are held once a month. Academics are elite basketball training sessions for athletes interested in competing at an elite level. Higher Learning Hoops Basketball Academy’s use professionally-designed basketball coaching & training methods to focus on the offensive and defensive development of athlete who know they are trying to make it to the next level. Most athletes who attend Higher Learning Hoops are interested in playing basketball in college and professionally. Each Higher Learning Hoops Skills Basketball Academy applies intense speed & agility and defensive training as ways to teach techniques to increase speed and prevent injuries. We provide an encouraging atmosphere and detailed skilled instruction that will expand their offensive skill set. Each athlete will be able to receive information and help with the college recruiting process. Higher Learning Hoops Basketball Skill Academies are opportunities for players to gain exposure to college coaches. We will record each Academy and film can be provided for any athlete, college coach, or scout.

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