Mentoring Program

Princess in Pursuit of Independence by Navigating the way with Knowledge

Princess in P.I.N.K. program provides support and guidance to young women who are college bound and/or college students in order to ensure a successful matriculation to college and ultimately graduation. Interventions will be provided through mentorship, skills-building, and empowerment encounters. Our Goal is to reduce the amount of fights in schools by female students, increase graduation rates & decrease the teen pregnancy rates in Jacksonville, Florida by encouraging sisterhood, scholarship, & service.

As a result of the services provided by the Princess in P.I.N.K program, the Princess will be able to;

1.  Clarify her purpose

2.  Develop obtainable goals and action steps

3.  Receive education on

  • a.  Health and Wellness
  • b.  Financial Planning
  • c.  Healthy Relationships
  • d.  Goal Setting
  • e.  Emotional Health
  • f.  Time Management
  • g.  Domestic skills building
  • h.  Career Exploration
  • i.  Study Skills

4.  Participate in Empowerment Encounters that provide positive social and educational gatherings

5.  Visit various collegiate campuses


Princess Level:

Any young grades 9th-12th who is aspiring to pursue higher education.

Princess Mentor Level:

Any woman above age 18 who is currently attending college or college graduate who exhibits high moral character.

To apply for or refer someone to the Princess in P.I.N.K. program, please contact Shakia Brown via email

Dr. Rosalind Osgood Ministries International