Ways you can use Story Behind the Story

The Story  Behind the Story

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Dr. Rosalind Osgood Ministries International

Dr. Osgood's new book, Story Behind the Story! It's a book that will help you take your life, ministry, and work to a higher level. In Story Behind the Story, Dr. Osgood shares practical and spiritual tools, tips, and strategies for today's Christian woman.

Learn how to build stronger relationships with other women, raise healthier and happier children, and have successful dating and marital relationships. Dr. Osgood, who rose from being a homeless, drug addicted, welfare mom to becoming an internationally known preacher, shares her story and lessons you can use to help you, no matter where you are in life.

In Story Behind the Story, Dr. Osgood invites you to join a worldwide movement of women reaching women. She gives you ideas for ways you can connect with other women in your church, workplace, community, and beyond.


​​​​* As a discussion starter for your women' group, retreat, or small group

​​​​* As a practical tool to connect with other women on an individual basis

​​​​* As a spiritual guide to make sense of the drama of your life

​​​​* As a Bible study tool for your small group or Sunday school class

​​​​* As a resource to encourage you on your journey

​​​​* As a relationship-building tool for mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends​